My heater won't install with the app!

If, for some reason, your Princess Smart Panel heater (any model) fails to connect to your phone, please follow the steps below.

If your Smart Panel Heater can't be switched on.

Check the red button on the side and check if your heater is standing upright correctly (vertical).

The panel heater has an inbuilt tilt sensor to prevent the heater from turning on when not placed vertically.

If your Smart Panel Heater will not enter pairing mode.

If the Smart Panel Heater is indeed powered and can be turned on, long-press the on/off button until you hear 3 distinct beeps. This should take about 6 seconds.
  1. If the heater beeps 3 times and the WiFi icon is blinking, then the heater has entered pairing mode. It can now be installed.
  2. if the heater beep once and the wifi icon is not blinking, that means the heater is not in pair mode, please try again
    1. If, whatever you try, the heater will not beep 3 times, the WiFi module is not powered. The heater can be considered faulty and you can return in to your retailer.

If you can not create an automation task in the app.

If, when trying to create a task, you cannot do so and the error message shown right appears:

Please tap 'Close' and try again to create the task.