The Smartfan allows voice control via Google Assistant but you first need to enable the Skill.

Google do provide their own guide that can be found here:

Google help - Skill setup

Please follow the below steps to setup the Google Assistant skill:

Open the Google Home app on your smart phone or device
Select the Account icon at the bottom of the page to access your account

Now select Set up or add
Select Set up device
Select Link under Works with Google
In the search bar at the top of the page type "HomeWizard Climate"

Now select the HomeWizard Climate skill
Login with your HomeWizard details used when you first setup the Smartfan.

Once logged in please select "AUTHORISE" to allow Google to connect to your Smartfan,

You can now use the below commands with Google Assistant, but you may wish to rename the device before doing so:

Should you wish to rename the Smartfan you can do this under the settings page for the Smartfan device. 


"Ok Google, turn on the fan"
Starts the fan in its last set speed
"Ok Google, turn off the fan"
Stops the fan
"Ok Google, set the fan to default mode"
Sets the fan into normal operating mode
"Ok Google, set the fan to sleep mode"Sets the fan to
"Ok Google, set the fan to eco mode"Sets the fan to Natural mode
"Ok Google, turn on the swing for the fan"Starts the oscillation
"Ok Google, turn off the swing for the fan"Stops the oscillation
"Ok Google, set the fan speed to one/low"Changes fan speed to 1
"Ok Google, set the fan speed to two/medium"
Changes fan speed to 2
"Ok Google, set the fan speed to three/high"
Changes fan speed to 3